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As a conservative, egalitarian congregation, you will find our religious services to be warm and highly participatory.

Moses Montefiore Congregation is part of the Conservative Movement and a member of USCJ (United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism).  The Conservative Movement is more traditional than Reform Judaism and more contemporary that Orthodox Judaism, or as our Ritual Director says, "middle of the road".


 Moses Montefiore Congregation is considered the center of Jewish life in the Fox Cities, and therefore we strive to serve the needs of the entire Fox Cities Jewish community. In fact, our members span a wide range in their ritual practice and observance and we have therefore adopted a flexible approach to ritual practice and worship.  


We have a Friday night service at 7:30 pm for Shabbat every week.  For Friday night, we use the Likrat Shabbat which is a more modern approach to the service, especially in the English translations and abundant transliterations.  We have a Saturday morning service once or twice a month at 9:30am, usually with a Torah service.  For Saturdays we use the more traditional Siddur Sim Shalom.


We also have services and events for most Jewish Holidays, such as traditional High Holiday services, Simhat Torah dancing, a Hanukkah Party, Purim Megillah reading, community Passover Seder, and more.  We also support the Jewish community with all traditional life-cycle events.


All of our services and events are in person and we continue to offer a zoom option for those unable to be in person. Please see our calendar for the times and dates of our services and events. For more information on our ritual practices please contact Ritual Director, Jerry Zabronsky at 

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