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Your generosity helps to support the ongoing mission of the Moses Montefiore Congregation and our larger community. You may choose to make a donation to MMC in honor of a special person or special occasion, to congratulate or thank someone, or to remember a loved family member or friend. 

Tree of Life

Share the joy by inscribing your family "simchas" on our Tree of Life... a permanent dedication to the meaningful, happy events that touch our lives.

Yahrzeit Plaque

An eternal record of a loved family member cast in bronze on our synagogue walls.

Israel Bond

Israel bonds can be purchased and then donated to a non-profit organization such as Moses Montefiore Congregation. This is considered a Double Mitzvah.

Rabbi's Discretionary Fund

For the Rabbi or Spiritual Leader of MMC to be used at their own discretion.

High Holiday Honors

It is a tradition to make a donation to the synagogue when being called to the Torah or when receiving an honor during the High Holiday services. 

General Donation

We welcome all donations of any sized to be utilized by the congregation.

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